Physical Conditioning

Colorado’s diverse terrain and blown down timber patches provide bugle filled mountains but can test one’s physical abilities. Horses are utilized to cover the country with your gear but hiking is involved on all hunts. The hunter who has prepared him or herself physically has the edge on harvesting their trophy. Exercise programs you undertake will help considerably during your hunt. Suggestions include: incline walks on treadmills, interval runs, and hiking/walking with a hunting pack loaded for your hunt (25-30lbs). This will prepare your feet, back, hip flexors and shoulders for the extended stay in the mountains that you wouldn’t experience in regular life. Some treadmills have programs set for different exercises; one might be a hill course, use this frequently. Working out every day is advised to prepare your lungs for hiking in the mountains of Colorado. Most of you will be coming from a lower elevation and getting acclimated to Colorado’s elevation. This takes most people an average of two to three days. If you are able to arrive early to enjoy what the front range of Colorado has to offer compared to the vast west of Colorado, this could also help. Hunters are advised to undertake a conditioning program well ahead of their hunt to support the physical requirements demanded from the Colorado terrain. Another recommendation would be a regular dose of potassium. With regular hiking and climbing your body will thank you.

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Be prepared for all weather conditions. It can be 70° one hour and snowing the next. Zero wind one hour and 60mph winds the next. Mornings and evenings tend to be cool, so dressing in or having layers as an option in your pack is ideal. Fall weather in the mountains is very unpredictable with rain and snow showers being common. A light set of rain gear is a must during the fall. If you leave these behind the hunts can become a trip to camp for coffee instead of chasing that bugling bull. Highly recommended is a pair of leg gaiters, the high foliage on and off the trails you will be traveling will dampen your legs and boots in a hurry. This is a great light option instead of full rain pants. For further details refer to the gear list.


Weather in Colorado is like a coin flip. Be prepared for anything. More times than not there will be snow, cold temperatures, and wind. However, when the sun is out, you feel it. You are 10,000 ft above sea level. Temps will range from -20° to 70°. Refer to our gear list for further details.

guided hunt readiness

Trip Insurance

Trip insurance is highly recommended. Your deposit secures your hunt dates. Our hunts are booked well in advance and we understand things can change at any time in your personal life, however your hunt payments are not refundable.


One of the most important factors for a successful hunt is your ability to shoot well. Start preparing for your hunt in advance by sighting-in your rifle and archery equipment. There are many calibers out there perfectly capable of harvesting either elk or mule deer. If you are unsure your rifle will do the job please ask! Have it sighted in at 200 yards and be prepared to shoot up to 300. We accommodate all archer types. However, archers shooting compound bows please be prepared to be able to ethically shoot up to 50-yard shots. If there are any questions on equipment feel free to ask. If we do not have the answer, we know who does. Please become proficient with your firearm and archery equipment for the animal’s sake and for all of ours.