About US

“After meeting 12 years ago in their careers, Chris and Leon knew their hard work ethic and similar interests would one day lead to great things. As time passed and their friendship grew stronger so did their conversations about going into business together with the effort of sharing their passions of hunting (Chris) and horsemanship (Leon) with others. It was evident that their expertise in these areas went hand and hand and in 2010, the two started the beginning of their hunting adventures together and sharing their love for these hunting experiences with others in their favorite hunting unit located near Craig, CO. Throughout the years of hunting together there was always the late evening mention around the fire of “doing this”, outfitting, together in the future. After many years of hunting, Chris moving out of state and then back to Colorado, the dream finally became a reality in 2020 with the opportunity to purchase the well know outfitting company of, Beaver Creek Outfitters. And if it wasn’t already perfect, the icing on the cake was this was the exact unit both had been hunting together for the last 10 years.

With the dreams and plans coming to life for these two, the future has much to bring. We look forward to trail rides on the front range to share the history of how it came to be, fishing trips in the Flat Top Wilderness, and the continuation of a successful elk outfitting operation. Thanks for everyone’s support of Beaver Creek Outfitters in the past and we hope to have your support in the future as we continue the success and great reputation.