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Day 2 Setting Stinsby

1.5 hour horse ride from the trailhead to Stinsby guided camp. We spent the day getting tents set up, tables, chairs, stoves, cots, etc...where they need to be!

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Setting more camps!

We went up the mountain to set Stinsby guided camp this weekend. Here are pics from Day 1. Craig, CO to parking lot in Unit 12. 3 hour horseback ride up to the trailhead where we spent the night. Beautiful weather and great friends!  

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Pasture in Craig, CO

Remaining horses on standby in the pasture in Craig. All the archery camps are set and we're starting on muzzleloader camps! Archery season starts this Saturday so hunters will be arriving Thursday and Friday to get packed in to their camps!

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Headed west!

The girls camp horses are loaded and on the road from Minnesota to Colorado! They will join the other load from Minnesota, a load from Arizona & California. The gang is getting back together again!  Thank you Gilbertson Family (Shelly Gilbertson) & Rachel Anderson/Chisolm for all you do!!!! 18

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Horses done at girls camp for the summer!

The horses were done at Camp Kamaji for Girls on Tuesday this week! Here is the last batch of pictures. "Thank you once again, each and everyone of your ponies were so loved and still are in our hearts forever!" - Maggie Morison    

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Second load arrived in Colorado!

The second load of horses arrived in Craig, CO yesterday. (Scott forgot to take a picture when he unloaded them!) They had been working in Tucson, Phoenix & Flagstaff, Arizona since last fall. Another load comes soon that have been in California at a riding stable there. Then, more from Colorado Springs, CO right before [...]

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