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Archery season ended yesterday!

Archery season ended yesterday! Thanks to all our archery/muzzleloader hunters & employees. We set a couple more camps yesterday in the first snow of the season. We got about 3 inches up high. We have a few more camps to set before the rifle seasons start, more horses to haul to Craig and more supplies [...]

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America the Beautiful

Kevin & Kyle (father-son from Pennsylvania) had a successful archery drop camp hunt. Look closely at the writing on the tree behind Kevin and his bull. The bull died right there.

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The 2016 hunting season is going well!

The 2016 hunting season is going well! Another elk was harvested this morning; it's tough to get pictures though! =) Archery season continues until September 25th. Muzzleloader season started September 10th and ends today. Most camps have been set with the remaining getting finished up in the next week or two so that we're ready [...]

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First elk of the 2016 season!

Eugene, Shane and Anthony are headed home to Minnesota after their 2016 Colorado archery hunt. Eugene and Shane (father & son) have hunted with BCO seven times over the years. Safe travels!

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